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The EDSO-OES Alert Notification System includes some landline and cellular phone numbers.

If you would like to be contacted on your home phone, cellular phone, work phone, email, fax or via instant messaging - you must register that information. All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.


The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office- Office of Emergency Services Alert Notification System provides a number of ways in which the county may contact the community in the event of an emergency such as: evacuations due to wildfires or hazardous material spills, or urgent law enforcement operations. The EDSO-OES Alert Notification System may be used to deliver alerts when there is a threat to the health or safety of residents.

It is important for residents not to rely on EDSO-OES Alert Notification System as their only means to receive emergency information. In any emergency situation, reacting quickly and calmly is of utmost importance. Learn more about preparedness at and